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Founded in 1951 from our manufacturing site in the UK, AJT Equipment have considerable experience in the design, manufacture, calibration, service, repair, upgrade and refurbishment of Test Machines. We design both Tensile Test Machines and Force Testing Machines to our customers' specific requirements

With our large capacity Tensile Test Machines, Compression Test Machines, Force Testing Machines, Accuway loadcells, calibrations and test facilities, we are the most versatile Test Machine suppliers in the world

If you have a testing application, we can build a machine to test it!

Our extensive range of Test Machinery has the scope to test samples as small as Single Strand Wire up to Marine Anchor Cable. We supply our own brand of Accuway Loadcells. Our highly trained engineers service, repair and calibrate all types of testing and weighing devices to International Standards both in-house and on-site nationally and internationally

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Load Cells Experts

Accuway load cells from AJT Equipment, are used by lifting professionals all over the world to perform the crucial task of finding exactly what weight is being lifted in every scenario

Test Equipment

AJT Equipment are one of the leading manufacturers of horizontal and vertical test beds in the world. Each machine is is made specifically to order to customers requirements and can handle loads exceeding 2,000 tonnes

Calibration Services

AJT Equipment offer calibration services throughout the UK and worldwide for virtually all makes and models of physical testing equipment and related accessories

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Impact Testing Machine (40kJ)

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  • 1951
  • £500,000

Project D23097 – 300 Tonne Compression Test Frame We received our AJT Compression Test Frame in April 2015 at our site in Aberdeen. This test machine has a double acting hydraulic ram system pressurised from a hand-operated pump, designed to accept a pallet truck to allow for easy movement around our test facility. Its construction consists of 4 Vertical Columns and Load Plattens Top and Bottom and has proved to be robust and reliable for our testing needs, evidenced from our Annual Calibration in April 2016 (completed by AJT), showing excellent accuracy. We do not require any additional test equipment at the moment, however we would approach AJT to assist in the future if the need arises

- Mark Jones - Euroload -

Project D22828 – 100 Tonne Tension Test Machine In November 2014 we received at our plant in Sweden, our purchase of a new 8 Metre x 100 Tonne Tension Test Machine from AJT Equipment. We chose AJT Equipment for this purchase, since they have a proven track-record in manufacturing this style of test machine and they proved to be competitive. It has proven to be well constructed and reliable machine for our testing, supplied with simple controls and data logging to record our tests. At present we do not require any further test equipment, but if we do in the future, AJT Equipment will be on the shortlist of Approved Suppliers to approach for quotation and design input

- Eva Stenborg - KE Stenborg AE -

Project D23111 – 10 Tonne Block Tester Back in June 2015, we received our 10 Tonne Block Test Machine with AJT Equipment. This was an important testing machine investment for ourselves and was our first purchase of test equipment from AJT Equipment. It is often difficult when arranging with a new Supplier for such a purchase, however AJT made the process straightforward and gave us the confidence that this machine would be able to complete the testing that we would require. We are really pleased with the result, since it has met all of our testing needs for this type of test machine, it is well-guarded considering the amount of access that is required and the controls have proven easy to use. Increasingly, we have been asked for Data Logging from our customers and we can supply this from the information captured on this new test machine – very useful. Whilst we do not have any test machine needs immediately, if we do need something, we would be happy to talk with AJT about supplying

- James Moreland - Reel Group -

Project D22977 – Tension & Compression Test Machine In October 2014 we received our new Test Machine from AJT Equipment. We had agreed for AJT to Design and Construct this new test machine to allow up to 40,000lb tests and to operate in both Tension & Compression. For many test machine constructors, this involve making two separate test rigs, having to create space for two machines, plus the added costs associated with hydraulic power units and hydraulic controls sets for each. AJT’s use of a proven design, meant that we could get all of the functions that we needs from a single test machine. This meant that we did in fact save a good deal of money, so we could arrange and order the machine to our capital expenditure budget even sooner than we expected. Value for Money has been fantastic, the test machine purchase we made with AJT has proven to be wise decision, since the machine has performed totally reliably since it was installed. The Hydraulic Control System has proved very easy to operate, the Manual supplied with the machine was very clear and helpful and the Data Logging works well. We normally ask AJT to quote for all of our Test Machines since they are easy to talk to and know that they will always provide a highly competitive quotation, excellent quality in design, construction and function. We are happy to recommend AJT Equipment to anyone who has Testing Equipment needs, now or in the future

- Lucas Wu - Winova PTE -

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